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My 1971 Chevy Impala

Cutout Chevy.png

Originally purchased by my great uncle Vincent from Mel Bunnell's Chevrolet Dealership in Pomona on May 28, 1971, this Impala Convertible has been in our family its entire life. The car has been in our garage since my Dad purchased it from Vincentfor $250 in 1981. The Chevy was my Dad's Sunday car, hauling everything from street signs to mattresses, even our Christmas tree -- it was family tradition.

As of January 2021 I have gotten the opportunity to take sole ownership of the car, and it has been my job to restore it back to the same condition as it was when it rolled off the showroom floor; all the while rolling through the streets of Los Angelesas my Dad would love to do so much. Below are an array of photos showing a glimpse of my journey with my beloved Chevy.For a more in-depth personal look of what I've done with the car, check out my Instagram!

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